Visual Arts


Visual Arts

The Visual Arts continue to be a vital form of communication in a world where gaps of distance and language are continually shrinking. Art is also that chance to escape. Art gives someone the freedom to create their own reality, putting their thoughts, emotions, and feelings into a work of art that is uniquely their own.

Mini Monets

With Jennie Wenk
Mini Monets is an extracurricular art class for ages 3 and up that is provided on location among area schools, child care centers, and recreation facilities around the Wilmington, NC area. When given a chance to create works of art in Mini Monets, children grow in a way that is unlike anything else. There is cognitive growth, improvement in fine motor skills, and enhancements in critical thinking. As education in schools direct focus towards science, math, and technology, art can aid in the teaching, learning, and understanding new concepts within these classes. Mini Monets is a program that blends the gap between academics and visual learning. Not only does the Mini Monets program teach students about art movements and famous artists, but the curriculum is designed to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and PBL (Project Based Learning) into the various projects throughout the year. Mini Monets is also a great program for children with special needs. The curriculum is adaptable for a wide range of students as an alternative way of self expression, creation, and understanding.

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